Today I’m looking at swag to give away when On The Sly releases on February 20th. I’m thinking bar-themed, but something that also speaks to the kind of person Sylvia is. I’m looking at all kinds of things, but I don’t like the cheap stuff that gets thrown away. If I’m going to spend bucks on a gimmick, I want it kept.

I’m going for real instead of plastic. For usable, instead of decorative. For everyday items. And for the indulgent things that most everyone likes (chocolate).

And of course, there’s the thank you note for the bloggers, influencers, and interviewers who post about my book. They get a little extra. Okay, they get a lot extra.

But, you know who else gets extra? The ones who give an extra shout-out about my writing because they just plain believe in me. They tell everyone about my books. Those are my superfans. My team. And I want to thank them.

So, I’m looking at swag with all these people in mind. Not an easy task, let me tell you! There are hundreds of companies. My three favorite: vistaprint, 4imprint, and Amsterdam products. But I’ve also ordered from specialty companies before, too.

And of course, it’s all on a budget.

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