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I was born in Colorado, but raised on a small homestead in Illinois. I served in the USAF right out of high school. After my stint in the military was finished, I returned home and had a horse stable. My first piece to be printed was a short children’s fiction, Jet’s Stormy Adventure, serialized in The Illinois Horse Network. It was a natural fit, given my business. Later, I attended University of Iowa's famed summer workshops and writing programs. Since that time, I have authored and co-authored numerous books. Several of my novels and short stories have won international awards and have appeared in multiple venues.


The cover for Frozen Fire, to be released August 23rd Denefe Xia, one of a set of telepathic twins, is pulled back in time by one of the rogue wormholes that ravage the world. There, she discovers she has a … Continue reading

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Frozen Fire Release Date

Frozen Fire will be released August 23rd, 2017. I’m very excited about this book and I hope you will be also. I’ll try to keep you updated about everything do do with it. I have no cover yet, but I’ll … Continue reading

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Birthright Cover

Just got the cover for Birthright (August 9th). Totally thrilled with it. What do you think? #Birthright #BlueSwan #shapeshifter #YA #wendylkoenig

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Frozen Fire Release Date

After many years of working and reworking this novel, it will finally be published!!! Unfortunately, for marketing purposes, the release date was scheduled too close to the release of Birthright, so has been pushed back. Waiting for the new date. #YA … Continue reading

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