The Books

Young Adult

BookCoverFront Cover  HRfrozenfire


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The Griffin Wars

thelastgriffin  HRbirthright

Boo and Oscar









Other Publications: 
 img_2044 Sunlit Night   
Anthology books from Breathe.  Click here to visit the Breathe homepage. 
     Asphalt Freedom, Spring/Summer 2012
     Breathe, Spring/Summer 2012
     Rain Folds, Spring/Summer 2012
     Pomme de Terre, Spring 2013
     Pray for Rain, Spring 2013
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Winter 2015
    Wilderness, Winter 2015
Echoes magazine
     Night Terrors, July 2010
     Searching for Sardan, 2007 (also 1st place in the 2005 Abilene Writer’s Guild Annual Contest)
     Zorak 12, September 2005
The Illinois Horse Network
     Jet’s Stormy Adventure, April – July 1995

One thought on “The Books

  1. Wendy
    I’m a very long vs old friend of Diana mcaskill … I’m going a baptism in Madrid. Father of baby is Canadian mother is Spanish. I was thinking of a signed copy of boo and Oscar. But I would need it sent asap to Spain. What do you think.


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