Submitting Frozen Fire

Well, Frozen Fire is out there.

I feel optimistic it’ll find a home. I sent it to only one publisher, but to five agents. Next week, I’ll send it to five more agents.

I only sent it to one publisher because I feel it’s the best place for that story. Of course, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll send it to plenty others. I already have the first five publishers picked out.

Keep looking ahead and don’t quit. If the story gets kicked back, take a look at it with a critical eye and rewrite it if necessary. Then send it out again. And again. And again.

“Never give up. Never surrender.” That’s a quote from a spoof of a movie called StarQuest. Lots of great quotes there. I think it fits the writing world.

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When Life Intrudes

Recently my husband was diagnosed with not one, but two, debilitating illnesses. It put me in quite a tailspin. I got depressed. I got angry.

And I wrote like I’ve never written before.

True, I did only a minimum on my current project. After all, a writer has to stay immersed in their story or it’ll stall. But I did tons of journaling.

And poetry. It doesn’t matter to me that none of it came out good. What matters is that it’s there. That I WROTE my pain and frustration.

At times I wrote so hard, so angry, my pen tore the paper.

And I’m still writing.

Someday, I’ll be able to look back and analyze what I’ve written. Maybe even use the raw passion captured in a story. Rework the poetry.

Because I’m a writer, I write.

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On Reading Aloud

I’ve blogged about this before, but I feel it needs repeating. Read your stories aloud before you send them off for publication. You’ll catch so much more than reading quietly to yourself. Trust me.

I’ve been over Frozen Fire a few dozen times. My writers’ group has gone through it. Yesterday, I took it out and started reading it aloud to my cats. Guess what I found?

Not just an error here or there, but a whole slew of tiny typos that shouldn’t have been missed. This story has already been combed through. There shouldn’t be any snags at this point. Yet, there they are.

How could that be?

Our minds are wonderous! Have you seen these games on Facebook where you have to read the message upside down or backwards or with every letter of the word different but the ones at the beginning or the end? I bet it’s not all that difficult for the majority of people to read those. Our minds like to make understanding the priority, even if what’s actually written doesn’t make much sense.

When we read aloud, it’s more difficult to trick our minds, because our ears come into play as well. We stumble over difficult thing more. Read that last sentence again aloud.

See what I mean?

There’s also a difference between just reading aloud and reading aloud TO someone. We listen more. We’re more critical. We catch more mistakes.

So, read your stories aloud before you send them off. Even if it’s just to your cats.




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On Blogging

Writers are sporadic creatures. We extremely work hard at our writing, every day. But it’s the same thing day in and day out. My blog would say: 1/1/2017 – Wrote today. 1/5/2017 – Wrote today. 1/12/2017 – Wrote today. You get my picture?

Then, all of a sudden, we reach the end of our task. WooHoo! Something to Blog about! Yay! Big finish. We might go out and celebrate. Lots to blog about there.

Start the next task: 1/13/2017 – Edited today. 1/17/2017 – Edited today. 1/23/2017 – Still editing. And so on. Not much changes day to day until we reach the end of our chosen task.  Oh, our day might be punctuated by going to the store or our weekly writers’ critique group, but that’s it.

Writing is solitary. Most of us are extreme introverts. Putting ourselves out there is hard enough without having to deal with an unchanging daily life.

Marketing experts tell us we have to blog 2-3 times per week.


Blog what? 1/30/2017 – Edited today? Is that what they want? Is that what our readers want?

I don’t think so. I know there are sites that detail things we can blog about. Yes, sites that blog about what to blog. Cool huh?  Takes time away from writing to research these, though. Which daily life already tries to steal. Again, I don’t think that’s a good option.

We’re writers. Our job is to write.

So, the final word here is to be patient with your writerly friends. Sooner or later, we’ll raise our heads enough to post something.




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