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Collecting Rejections

I’m allowing extra time for Agents and Publishers to respond to my submissions, but few actually do get back to me. I get it. Who has time for politeness any more? And a big Thank You to those who actually do respond. I feel sorry for them. They are flooded with submissions from authors, wannabe authors, and anyone who thinks they can write a … Read More Collecting Rejections

My Writing Process

I get asked about my writing process all the time. Really. Most writers have their own way of doing things. But the more I write, the more I explain about it, the more I realize that my process could be a bit unusual. So, I’m going to talk about the actual writing part of it today. My editing part is way odd. I’ve known … Read More My Writing Process

The Importance of Reading Aloud

Fermentation is done. I’ve set aside Wasteland and am back to work on On The Sly. As a writer, I read my work probably a couple dozen times. And I make changes nearly every time too. And my editor says my manuscripts are always the cleanest she’s ever seen. Yet, she always finds things to correct. You know why? Because our eyes see what … Read More The Importance of Reading Aloud

Authors: The Importance of a Website

Being an author is a profession. Writing is a part of it, like bricklaying for a bricklayer. Having a profession makes you a professional. You need to look the part. You need your readers to know you’re not a wannabe. You. Are. An. Author. A website is a must. Not a webpage on someone else’s site. It needs to be your own domain. It … Read More Authors: The Importance of a Website

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