Beginning Again

While I’m waiting for Sentient to be published, I haven’t been sitting around. I’m working on another story and, as you’ve seen, I’m getting ready for the marketing push when the novel does eventually sell. I’ve looked all around the internet for a list of things the author does for the publication/marketing process. I’ve found …


I’m really, really bad at interviews and public speaking.  I get the shakes, my voice quivers, I flush, I get teary-eyed.  Stupid, I know, but that’s the way it is.  I’ve tried all kinds of things: meditation, alcohol, photos of a loved one by my side, imagining the audience naked, Toastmasters, everything short of hypnosis. …

Another poem

Here's another poem from the upcoming collection: Papillion Quand ton tendreamour a durci dans cettechrysalided'oú seulement tuémergeras parfaitement?  your tenderregard …into thischrysalisfrom which              only youemergeperfect?  Love,when didyour tender amour durci into this chrysalidefrom which seulement tuémergeras                           parfaitement? #poetry #poem #poetrycollection #butterfly

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