Frozen Fire Release Date

After many years of working and reworking this novel, it will finally be published!!! Unfortunately, for marketing purposes, the release date was scheduled too close to the release of Birthright, so has been pushed back. Waiting for the new date. #YA #wendylkoenig #FrozenFire #BlueSwan #TimeTravel

Another Contract

This is the way it is with me. Drought, then flood. Frozen Fire has now also been accepted for publication with Blue Swan Publishing. Yay!!! #wendylkoenig #blueswan #YA #FrozenFire #Timetravel


As I begin the preparation process for Birthright, I'm reminded that a writer's job doesn't end at the signing of a contract. Suddenly there are questions to answer, forms to fill out for the cover artist, and edits. Lots and lots and lots of edits. Even if the story is perfect and correct, the editor will want …

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