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2021 In Review

This is the time of year everyone posts a year in review. I’m adding to the group, because, Wow! What a year! Right? So many political and socio-economic events, not the least of these was the continued impact of the Corona virus as it mutates again and again. All of this means tons of us burrowed deeper into hiding. Me included. As many of … Read More 2021 In Review

What’s new on Instagram

Out and About

On The Sly is making the rounds of a few select agents. Already some interest shown. I’ll keep you apprised. And I’ve been working on the sequel: Sly as a Fox, in which Aaron is missing (why is that boy always in trouble?) and Sylvia must deal with an FBI agent who may not be on the up and up.

Deleted Scene 4

This scene was cut from the book early and is still in a rough draft. “Wilson!” Aaron stopped and turned around. His lieutenant was walking briskly toward him, a tall black man in trench coat beside him. FBI. Great. “You’ve been tasked to the bank robbery. This is Agent Dawes. You’ll be working directly for him.” “There are lots of other cops more experience … Read More Deleted Scene 4

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