Out and About

On The Sly is making the rounds of a few select agents. Already some interest shown. I’ll keep you apprised. And I’ve been working on the sequel: Sly as a Fox, in which Aaron is missing (why is that boy always in trouble?) and Sylvia must deal with an FBI agent who may not be … Read More Out and About

Deleted Scene 4

This scene was cut from the book early and is still in a rough draft. “Wilson!” Aaron stopped and turned around. His lieutenant was walking briskly toward him, a tall black man in trench coat beside him. FBI. Great. “You’ve been tasked to the bank robbery. This is Agent Dawes. You’ll be working directly for … Read More Deleted Scene 4


On The Sly is a finished book and is now out to my beta readers. So far, all the feedback tells me everyone is excited by it. I still have 3 beta readers to report back, but any corrections to be made are minor. Then it will be off to find an agent. In the … Read More Finished

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