I Hate to Tell You…

I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, or maybe it will be good tidings for you, but a friend just pointed out on Facebook, Christmas is less than 5 weeks away. (Sorry to the Americans who haven’t had Thanksgiving yet)

That means, if you are ordering gifts, you’d better get to it.

But it also means your hunt for a one of a kind gift may have ended. Authors and other artists offer gifts that no one else can give.

Readers experience the same book in very different ways. People look at art in different ways too.

Give people something unique this Christmas. Give art. Give books. Give a whole new experience.

My books are all available on Amazon, as well as can be ordered from your local bookstore through the Ingram listings. Additionally, for all you lovely local readers, I will be signing books at the Grand Falls Farmers’ Market on December 3rd.

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