Cooking Along

On The Sly is coming along quite well. I’m at the point with it where I’m getting itchy to read it again. But that will wait.

First, I need to work some more on the ending. As I said before, I’m extending it by a couple chapters.

I want the final battle between Sylvia and Pike to be bigger. And badder. Still mulling it over if I want her to kill him or not. I don’t believe bad guys should always die at the end of the novel. Sometimes, they need to go to jail. And sometimes, they just need to get away. But not this one. He needs to be caught by Sylvia.

As for Wasteland, I’m 9 scenes in and loving it. Lin is a tough one, she’d have to be, surviving on her own since her brother died. It’s a dark and desperate novel, with lots of stupid/funny moments. Like the flashback of when she got her first haircut at 5.

“…It was a beast of a summer and my brother cut his own hair to show me what it was like. He held me down and chopped off my ponytail while I screamed like he was killing me. When he finished, I picked up the ponytail and tied it on top of my head. That lasted a day before I decided it was too hot.”

It’s good when the writing goes well, because there are plenty of times it doesn’t.

Back to the notepad. More later.

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