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A Book Takes As Long As It Takes

I’ve finished the last rewrite of On The Sly. It’s now fermenting again. While I’m working hard to forget what I wrote so I can see it with fresh eyes when I return, I’ve been working on Wasteland. I wrote the character profile and the character synopsis for all my characters (there are only 5 – not really tough). I made a short synopsis … Read More A Book Takes As Long As It Takes


So, when I laid On The Sly down to ferment, I had a squeaky clean outline. All my notes had been worked through. But you remember what I said fermentation was really about? Me forgetting my story. Clearing my head. Now I’m back at it and my outline has more notes than I’ve ever seen. These are quick, easy to take care of notes, … Read More Post-Fermentation

Cooking Along

On The Sly is coming along quite well. I’m at the point with it where I’m getting itchy to read it again. But that will wait. First, I need to work some more on the ending. As I said before, I’m extending it by a couple chapters. I want the final battle between Sylvia and Pike to be bigger. And badder. Still mulling it … Read More Cooking Along


As you know, I’ve been reworking my mystery, On The Sly. I’ve rearranged a lot of chapters and deleted some big premises. This brought everything to a simpler story, which will payoff in a big way with more detailed scenes and a grittier overall feel. The past few weeks I’ve been busy fixing all the plot holes caused by the changes. Today, I’m happy … Read More Halfway

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