Adding Chapters

I’m pretty much 85% done with this draft of On The Sly, but I’ve decided to add a couple more chapters. Extend the climax of the novel a bit.

In the chapter I’m writing now, Nick Eccheli, the homicide detective investigating the murder in Sylvia’s bar is trying to find her (she’s been abducted by the killer). The chapter starts with him at the taxi garage, checking on the transponder of a cab whose driver was killed.

He and the cab dispatcher will quickly discover the transponder has been sandwiched onto the back of another cab’s.

He should probably get the call that Sylvia’s boyfriend, Bobby, has been shot. Yeah, that would be good.

And he still probably shouldn’t be able to reach his partner, who is checking into the killer’s family.

He has no idea where Sylvia could be. No one to help him.

Tension rising, check. Mystery deepens, check. Breath stopping, check.

Ready to write.

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