As you know, I’ve been reworking my mystery, On The Sly. I’ve rearranged a lot of chapters and deleted some big premises. This brought everything to a simpler story, which will payoff in a big way with more detailed scenes and a grittier overall feel.

The past few weeks I’ve been busy fixing all the plot holes caused by the changes. Today, I’m happy to report that the first half of the novel is done. Now on to the second half. Right now I’m working on a subplot scene in which Nick Eccheli (homicide detective, SLPD), and the internal affairs partner he’s been saddled with, are investigating the death of a jogger, who had a cop as her boyfriend.

On The Sly is about a bar owner in St. Louis, Missouri, who discovers the body of an ex-cop in her bar. When it becomes clear she’s the leading suspect, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

As far as Wasteland goes, I’ve drafted 5 scenes now. Very excited for this story.

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