Music List Inspiration

Like most writers, when I have trouble writing a scene or character, or even working on the project as a whole, I listen to music that pulls me into it.

My main character in the Sentient series loves the Blues and Bluesy rock.

Denefe, in Frozen Fire, is into pop music.

Sylvia is more … eclectic. She has a dark past. And a shadow in her soul. She doesn’t follow a type of music or a specific artist. Nikki Sixx’s Life is Beautiful is on her list. As is Tim McGraw’s new Standing Room Only. And Jelly Roll’s Son of a Sinner. Marilyn Manson makes an appearance. Audioslave. Halestorm. Clint Black. The Heavy. Jessta James. A lot of Jessta James.

And she’s recently discovered Jackson Dean. Loves his voice and a fair number of his songs, including Don’t Come Looking, Fearless, and Trailer Park.

The songs change for each book.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for me to get to work editing. Cue up Marilyn.

Warning, if you’ve never heard this before, it’s quite graphic in both words and content (none of which are mine).

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