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Sly As A Fox

The backbone (read ‘rough draft of the main plot’) for the second Sylvia book is finished. I’m pleased with how the story goes. Now I just need to think out subplot complications and do the rewrites and edits. Everyone writes differently. Everyone. I find I don’t like to write tons on my stories until I know for sure I like the way the story … Read More Sly As A Fox

Oy Vey!!!

So, we’re remodeling. This, amidst: the winter temps that drop to colder than a witch’s you-know-what, the constant threat of covid, my husband’s health, looking for an agent for On The Sly, and being over halfway (yay!) through the first rough draft of Sly As A Fox. EVERYTHING goes into the kitchen and dining area while we do the floors in the back of … Read More Oy Vey!!!

2021 In Review

This is the time of year everyone posts a year in review. I’m adding to the group, because, Wow! What a year! Right? So many political and socio-economic events, not the least of these was the continued impact of the Corona virus as it mutates again and again. All of this means tons of us burrowed deeper into hiding. Me included. As many of … Read More 2021 In Review

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