This morning

I have one cat on my lap and the other on the window sill beside my desk. The sun is shining and I suspect they are waiting to go outside. No amount of reasoning will dissuade them. It won’t be until I actually show them that it’s cold out there that they will leave me alone to write.

Yesterday it snowed.

I have a friend here, cleaning up my cooking mess from yesterday. I can sit on a stool and cook, wash dishes, or whatever. But when I drop something on the floor, it has to stay there until rescued. I can’t hop on one foot and hold a broom and dustpan and bend down. Nope.

Halfway to the finish line with the cast. Hopefully. Then rehabilitation will start.

Anyway, despite all the meowing of the cats, bustling from the kitchen and elsewhere, and cussing from me because I can’t get around well, there’s a feeling of calm waiting in the house. An expectant breath-holding.

Waiting for the unpredictability of Spring to settle into a steady stream of warm days.

I’m one third the way through the editing of Sly As A Fox. I know I was further on earlier, but that’s the way of editing. Move forward 5 or 6 chapters. Retreat 10. Repeat until there is no more retreat. I liken it to a battering ram.

As for my usual deleted scenes that I share with you, those will have to wait until the end. I may be able to work some of them back in.

As for Thrice Sly (still a tentative name), I’ve got a couple really good scenes scratched out with loads more in mind.

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