It’s That Time of Year Again

While a good half of the world make resolutions, I choose a word to represent my focus for the year. For example, last year was Energy. The year before was Persevere.

2022 was an abysmal year for me. For a lot of people too. I honestly would rather just forget it except for the wonderful friends I made during that time.

2023 needs to be a new beginning for me on several levels. And yet, I don’t quite mean starting over. There needs to be a pause in my life before stepping out in new directions. Before I even discover what those directions will be.

I need to get grounded in this next part of … me.

My writing, too, will have a big change — several actually — beginning with the promotion and publication of ON THE SLY (Feb 20).

So, my word for 2023 is AWAKENING. has this to say:

adjective – rousing; quickening.

noun – the act of awaking from sleep; a revival of interest or attention; a recognition, realization, or coming into awareness of something: a revival.

It fits.


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