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All my scene cutting, changing, and rearranging for On The Sly is done. I like this version and I'm pretty sure this is the final draft. Yay!!! I like to write pretty much every day, even if it's just a few paragraphs. Since all my scenes are done with On The Sly, my thoughts have... Continue Reading →

On The Sly

Some novels take longer than others. Frozen Fire and Under Twin Suns were like that. Some come out as a bolt of lightening, like The Last Griffin. Each novel writes differently. Then, there are those that are a giant puddle of confusion until a moment of clarity arrives. To Be Phoenix was like that. On... Continue Reading →


Well, due to the pandemic, the April launch party for To Be Phoenix had to be canceled. Not to worry,I've decided to reschedule it when things clear up a bit. Big party. Big big party. Cake. Balloons. Gifts. But, it may be a while before we can have it. Until then, Be Safe. Mind your... Continue Reading →

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