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When Grief Settles

As writers, we write. Truthfully, we can’t function normally unless we do. Something in our wiring that makes our bad day worse if there’s no pen to paper or tapping of computer keys. Makes our good day stellar if we can scratch out a few lines. When tragedy strikes, like everyone else, we bottle up. Curl into a ball and huddle in a dark … Read More When Grief Settles

Excellent Article about Submitting our Work

Hope your Christmas was good!

Except for the presents and phone calls, Christmas day for me was much like any other. My babies enjoyed their Christmas gifts: tissue paper and a box. See all those toys? That’s normal in our living room. Can we say spoiled? I spent most of the day writing. Sly as a Fox is about 1/3 the way through the rough draft. It’s will be … Read More Hope your Christmas was good!

Minor Change to On The Sly

Made another change to On The Sly. Yes, it’s really going to be done soon. I promise. It’s just that there was too much happening on the last two days. In real life, you and I know that scary crazy hectic days happen. But fiction is larger than life, so sometimes it needs to be toned down a bit. Took two days and split … Read More Minor Change to On The Sly

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