Sly As A Fox

The backbone (read ‘rough draft of the main plot’) for the second Sylvia book is finished. I’m pleased with how the story goes. Now I just need to think out subplot complications and do the rewrites and edits.

Everyone writes differently. Everyone. I find I don’t like to write tons on my stories until I know for sure I like the way the story goes. So, the backbone has become important to me. Honestly, it’s not a new concept to the writing world. Usually it’s called ‘an extended outline’. But, 50k words is too long for an extended outline, in my opinion.

The story opens with Sylvia’s brother, Aaron, still working with the FBI. Only, he’s undercover. And he’s missing. She goes after him, in true Sylvia fashion. And nothing will stop her, even if she loses everything.

On The Sly, the first book in the series, is still out looking for a home in the publishing world. I’m getting offers, but I’m picky. I soooo believe in this series that I can’t let just anyone have it. I know you understand.

Now I’m going to set Sly as a Fox aside and let it ferment new subplot ideas, while I pursue another book in the Sentient series, another series I care a lot about.

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