Collecting Rejections

I’m allowing extra time for Agents and Publishers to respond to my submissions, but few actually do get back to me. I get it. Who has time for politeness any more? And a big Thank You to those who actually do respond.

I feel sorry for them. They are flooded with submissions from authors, wannabe authors, and anyone who thinks they can write a book. Must be a mountain of papers on every desk and clogging every email box.

So, when they don’t respond in a lengthened reasonable time (I add an extra month to the response time right now), I call it a rejection. So far, I’ve submitted to roughly 38 agencies and publishing houses.

From experience, I know it can sometimes be like this. I also know it sometimes has very little to do with the story. Rejections are usually about that mountain of papers and where the agent or publisher is headed in the future.

On The Sly is the best I’ve ever written and deserves the best it can get. Still submitting. Still searching for that one perfect fit.

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