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Collecting Rejections

I’m allowing extra time for Agents and Publishers to respond to my submissions, but few actually do get back to me. I get it. Who has time for politeness any more? And a big Thank You to those who actually do respond. I feel sorry for them. They are flooded with submissions from authors, wannabe authors, and anyone who thinks they can write a … Read More Collecting Rejections

The Care and Feeding of Agents

The first thing you need to know is that agents are business people. They need to make money just like the construction worker down the street. Just like an office manager, or a boutique owner. They make contacts in the publishing world just like a dress manufacturer makes contacts with warehouses and stores. They are the middle links, the facilitators. Nothing more. They don’t … Read More The Care and Feeding of Agents

Tip #10

Publishing is a business. They want to make money. No-brainer, right? Yet, I hear lots of people say they can’t get a publisher. Or they write better than so-and-so, but can’t get a representative. My first advice is to look at your manuscript. Is it grammatically correct? Does it have lots of spelling mistakes? Do all your characters sound the same? Is it descriptive? … Read More Tip #10

Tip #6

I wrote recently about writing what you love because you may not get published. It bears repeating, especially when many writers like to write about various things. It seems to have become the … fad… to write the latest … fad. *cough* Young adult SF became the rage with the movies Divergent, Maze Runner, and Mockingjay. Lots of writers thought, oh, I have a … Read More Tip #6

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