A Book Takes As Long As It Takes

I’ve finished the last rewrite of On The Sly. It’s now fermenting again. While I’m working hard to forget what I wrote so I can see it with fresh eyes when I return, I’ve been working on Wasteland.

I wrote the character profile and the character synopsis for all my characters (there are only 5 – not really tough). I made a short synopsis and a timeline of the story, even though the story may not be told in a direct timeline. It’s ready to go when I return to it full time.

They say, finished is better than perfect. This is true for the most part. However, when you know better, you can’t use that excuse to turn out something second rate. I’m not in a rush to finish On The Sly. For me, it’s more important that it’s right.

Why? Because it’s the first book of a series that will hopefully span the rest of my writing life. I’ve already been jotting ideas for the second book. And the third.

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