So, when I laid On The Sly down to ferment, I had a squeaky clean outline. All my notes had been worked through. But you remember what I said fermentation was really about? Me forgetting my story. Clearing my head.

Now I’m back at it and my outline has more notes than I’ve ever seen. These are quick, easy to take care of notes, though. I also decided to add more chapters, not just at the end, like I said in an earlier post, but throughout. Not many. Just a dozen or so.

All in all, I’m really pleased with how this novel is working.

As for Wasteland, the rough draft is still coming along. The writing (so far) is coming easily and the storyline is clear. Very excited about it.

And, a few local markets have opened up, so I’ll be doing some book signings on Saturdays. My books are also available at the Acanthus Gallery on Church Street in Grand Falls, NB.

The novels won’t write themselves, so it’s back to work I go.

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