3rd Draft

I often get asked how long it took me to write one of my novels. The answer varies anywhere from 10 years to 6 months. I’d love to say the novels take less time the more I write, but that’s just not true. Each novel is different and has its own problems.

garbageI also get asked (a lot!) how many edits it takes for a novel to be good enough. My answer: all of them.

I don’t mean to be flippant. The truth is, you just can’t edit a novel enough. But you eventually get to a point where you decide, either a) the novel is quite good, b) you need the publisher’s/agent’s input before you do more, or c) you’re just so sick of the story you want it out of your life. Just a hint, when that last happens, chances are you should just put it down and come back to it much later for one last read through.

You edit until you can’t. It’s just that simple.

The Last Griffin took 2 edits on my end and one from my publisher’s editor.

Frozen Fire just …. Grrrrrrrr! I can’t tell you how many times I went through that book, editing, rewriting, completely overhauling. I honestly am not sure I’ll ever be able to read it again. But I knew when it was ready to find a new home. You will too.

To Be Phoenix is on it’s 3rd rewrite since it’s major overhaul. Not even ready for fine editing yet. But it’s getting there.



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