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New Trailer for To Be Phoenix


TO BE PHOENIX cover to be revealed February 4th Destante and Aniause have been mates all their lives, through all their regenerations. But a war threatens. And Destante has just become the queen. Early Reviews: “TO BE PHOENIX story captured my attention on the first chapter and held it throughout the rest of the story. Very easy to read. Loved the humor in the … Read More COVER REVEAL Coming UP

Let The Record Show

On this date, I begin the final edit of the story from hell, To Be Phoenix. At least I hope it’s the final edit….

3rd Draft

I often get asked how long it took me to write one of my novels. The answer varies anywhere from 10 years to 6 months. I’d love to say the novels take less time the more I write, but that’s just not true. Each novel is different and has its own problems. I also get asked (a lot!) how many edits it takes for … Read More 3rd Draft

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