When You Hate What You Wrote

Lately I’ve moved slower and slower with To Be Phoenix. It’s not that it’s a bad story, it could be good. But it’s not this story.

I’ve ground to a halt.

Even though there’s nothing wrong with the story, I just don’t like the way it’s going. It feels wrong. I hate it.

There. I said it. I’ll say it again.

I hate it.

These things happen. Years ago, I followed some bad advice on a revision for Under Twin Suns. When I’d finished, the story had no spark. I tried reworking different parts of it, but in the end, I went back to the prior version. Finished it out and sent it to a publisher. It was accepted immediately.

But the important thing was, I liked my story again. I was happy with it and I’d like to think it was happy with me.

Today, I made the decision to go back to a previous version of I am Phoenix. I’m also going back to the prior title: Charlatan. It won’t be part of the Griffin Wars group.

But I’m already excited about the story again.

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