Morning Writer

There’s nothing I love better than to sit on my deck in my pajamas, wrapped in a
blanket, in the chill early morning. I guarantee I’ll have a steaming cup of coffee, a notepad, and a pencil. Of course, I’ll have both kitties on my lap, one beneath the blanket, to “help keep me” warm. 


It’s the way I write. My most productive time of day.

And it’s not for everyone.

My husband, also a writer, can’t drag a sentence out of himself until mid-afternoon, at the earliest.

When I wake, the first thing I do is look out the window. Blanket or no blanket? Umbrella or gale force winds causing problems?

Today has been nice, light wind in the morning, sunny, but still crisp. Perfect. Scene written in lightning speed.

Bad weather can mean a shorter scene, or just a partial written, because I write slower on the computer.

I like to write at restaurants too. My husband and I both agree on this. We keep spiral notebooks and pens in each car. Our favorite waitress knows to keep the coffee coming until the time we’ve told her we’ll order our meal.

The point is, writing is individualized. It’s a solo trip. And it has to fit my itinerary and be comfortable, or it just won’t work. 

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