Beginning the Book Tour, we had our first pre-tour engagement for Boo and Oscar. We were at a grade school’s Job Fair. We sat at a table for 4 hours while kids wandered by and asked us questions. Diana brought her paintings and I brought some of my books. Of course, the big topic was Boo and Oscar. I made sure I packed lots of information cards (post cards with the cover of the book on the front and info about the book on the back) and gave most away.

It was only 4 hours, but I was played out after two and let Diana have it completely toward the end. It was a very positive experience and we were asked to come speak to the classes later this year. We had loads of fun, but I’m privately wondering if I’m going to survive the touring for the whole summer!

#booandoscar #booktour #wendylkoenig #dianamcaskill

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