Praise for Boo and Oscar

“A great caper to get young readers thinking and problem-solving! What a great mystery to get young readers thinking! Boo and Oscar are lovable characters. I like how they have a bit of a routine they follow each day, like human beings often do. I feel the story will foster problem-solving skills in young readers. Personally, I enjoy mysteries that do not have an element of eeriness or that give me the “creeps”. This book creates mystery in a pleasant way. I enjoyed reading the story very much. Also, as a former reading teacher, I liked the larger-sized print and the hand-painted illustrations that accurately portray the emotions of characters in the story. Can’t wait to read it in French!”


Beginning the Book Tour, we had our first pre-tour engagement for Boo and Oscar. We were at a grade school’s Job Fair. We sat at a table for 4 hours while kids wandered by and asked us questions. Diana brought her paintings and I brought some of my books. Of course, the big topic was Boo and Oscar. I made sure I packed lots of information cards (post cards with the cover of the book on the front and info about the book on the back) and gave most away.

It was only 4 hours, but I was played out after two and let Diana have it completely toward the end. It was a very positive experience and we were asked to come speak to the classes later this year. We had loads of fun, but I’m privately wondering if I’m going to survive the touring for the whole summer!

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Getting Ready

The book release is this month! I’ve been spending a lot of time getting ready for the book 9781508523031.MAIN.jpgsignings and launch party for Boo and Oscar. It’s exhausting, but fun.

We’ll have prizes, coloring pages for little kids, and refreshments.

This morning I was going over my (getting longer) list of things yet to do, when I came up with the idea of giving away free fudge recipes during the launch party. I mean, the book centers around a missing tray of fudge. How perfect is that?

I’d love to give away some fudge at the party, but there just isn’t enough me for that. Cake will have to do. I don’t think anyone will mind, do you?

The whole point is to get people to my table to see the book. Sure, we hope they’ll buy the book, but mostly, we just want them to see the book and help us celebrate. Getting a book this far is a long, hard process.

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