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Synopsis Writing

Synopsis writing is different than writing a book.  I’ve heard many say it’s the hardest thing they’ve ever had to write.  I always write mine from a working outline that I make sometime during the novel process.  It makes it much easier for me.  But, I certainly appreciate any advice I can get on the subject. I found a great posting for writing a … Read More Synopsis Writing


Get this 15 page .pdf for FREE! Bring your memoir writing to the next level.  Learn how to evoke memories, plan the arc and plotline and create a perfect ending. A memoir is a legacy from the past, left for the future.  We want people to know how we lived, what we did, and those things that were important to us. The question is: how … Read More Freebie!

Of Titles and Genres

Right now, I’m editing a middle-grade novel.  The title I had, though it fit when I began writing, doesn’t fit now.  So I’m looking for another.  Here’s the blurb on it: Pala and her team of rangers escort a science mission to what they’ve been told is an uninhabited planet. Governmental insurgents release a biological agent and the rangers must stop them before the … Read More Of Titles and Genres

Pre-publication Blog

A fellow writer’s blog posting caught my eye this morning and I want to share it with you:  The Year-Long Book Launch.  Anyone in the business knows it takes at least a year to give a great launch for your book.  This blog post talks about the pre-publication journey of a writer, Miranda Beverly-Whittemore, her insecurities, struggles and triumphs.  The article points us to … Read More Pre-publication Blog

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