Cover Art

I just sent off the cover request form for The Last Griffin. The folks at Liquid Silver are on the ball. In the email they sent, they told me that weekends count as work days, too. So, I can’t waste any time getting things back to them.

It was cool filling out the form. I really had to think about some of the questions. You’d think I’d know all about what my characters look like, but there were some things I had to look up in the manuscript and some I had to figure out. Example: I had to look up Brian’s height. The manuscript said, “a little over six and a half feet”. Translation: 6’7″.

Olivia didn’t have her height listed (never occurred to me), so I put her at 5’9″. A respectable height. I’m not sure why I never thought of her height, except that I’m a seat of the pants writer at the beginning of a novel (my outline gets built as I go and is really more of a suggestion of a road map anyway), and I just never put it in. Odd, but not too much. I mean, the character doesn’t really think of her height and Brian only thought of it as how it related to him. I can’t very well just say “medium height” can I?

Anyway, I took a look at my current novel-in-progress and, sure enough, no height in it for my main character either. I see I’m going to have to work on this better!

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