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Writer’s Block

I don’t believe in it.  Plain and simple.  Before you get upset with me, let me tell you that I recently spent a year not writing because I was having problems.  Yet, I still don’t believe in Writer’s Block.  I believe it’s your mind trying to tell you something.  Listen to it.  It’s saying, “I don’t know where to go next.”  Or perhaps, “Oops!  … Read More Writer’s Block

All Things Twitter

If you’re a writer, you know keeping visible is a must.  You know social media is your best option to gain this goal. In this post, we’re talking Twitter.  I admit I don’t know much about it.  And that’s okay.  If you’re a writer, your job is writing, not tweeting.  That said, you need to tweet.  Lots.  Keep constantly visible on there.  The more … Read More All Things Twitter

Staying Published

Great talk-about on that how to stay published in today’s market:  The Writer Unboxed

Writers’ Critique Groups

A couple weeks ago, I read my Middle Grade novel, Sentient.  After so many critiques (one from my writers’ group and one professional), rewrites and readings, I still found errors that I needed to fix.  My group, Breathe, is a great group, but sometimes it’s impossible to see everything in one session. Writers’ groups are an indispensable tool for a writer.  But, it’s important to … Read More Writers’ Critique Groups

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