Moving Forward

Moving forward sometimes means taking a step or two back first. Birthing a novel is never easy.

I’ve been working with On The Sly again for a few weeks now. When I first went back to it after the latest ferment, I looked at it as if it was someone else’s manuscript that had been brought to me for advice.

The ending was choppy and the main protagonist wasn’t strong enough. I would have given the advice: tear it apart. Start over with only the main protagonist plotline. Fix that. Then read it again and decide whether the other point of view characters are needed.

So that’s what I did. And yes, I saw a few raised eyebrows at my decision. But I’ve got to say, it was good solid advice. Not only is my main character, Sylvia, stronger, the story is smoother and more cohesive.

All that stuff I took out is being reworked to be from Sylvia’s point of view, if I think it’s needed. What isn’t will wait for another book.

When an author writes a book, she has to please herself first. If she’s not happy, it will come across on the page. It’s worth it to take the time to make it right.

I’m in love with this story.

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