New Project

All my scene cutting, changing, and rearranging for On The Sly is done. I like this version and I’m pretty sure this is the final draft. Yay!!!

I like to write pretty much every day, even if it’s just a few paragraphs. Since all my scenes are done with On The Sly, my thoughts have turned to a new project. Something to scribble on, while finishing the current rewrite.

I had planned to go on to the very next Sly book, and I will when this one is done. But, I need something for now.

I went through all my started stories, my bits and pieces, even just ideas, but I wasn’t getting anywhere. Nothing jumped out at me. So, I wrote them all down in a list and started eliminating those I knew I didn’t want to do.

Since I grew up on Science Fiction, I was pretty sure I wanted to write another one soon. My last was Insurrection, released in 2019, but written in 2015.

I eliminated everything from my list that wasn’t SF. That actually left me quite a few still. Next, I thought to rank them according to importance to me, lowest to highest.

I thought I knew which would end up the clear winner, yet when I reached numbers one and two, I found a gem I just couldn’t put off any longer. I knew if I did, chances were it would get bumped from top spot again and again. It would never get written.

That just wasn’t acceptable.

I give you Wasteland. A dystopian story about a girl who lives in the shell of a mall. The world is filled with crazies, cannibals, but very few normals. One day, she finds a baby. When that child is eventually stolen from her, she sets out on a quest to get him back. This will be the story of that quest.

Today, I started building my characters. Tomorrow, I start writing. I can’t wait!

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