Into the New Year

As 2019 comes to a close, the memes are flowing. People are trying to make moving into the new year a big deal, hoping their lives will change for the better.

News flash: it won’t happen if you don’t make it happen. Sorry, but that’s the sad fact of it. If you don’t set out to make this next year better than the last, it won’t be. It takes work. Sometimes bloody hard work.

I’m not talking resolutions. We all know ways around those. I’m talking goals. Set in stone and attainable through a set plan.

I usually choose a single word to epitomize what I want to accomplish for the year. Example, for 2018, I chose ‘Success’. And I broke through some serious boundaries in my own life. I even attained a few new high marks.

In 2019, I chose the word ‘Persevere’. And I did. I worked my way through every tough obstacle that came my way.

I persevered.

For 2020, my word will be ‘Momentum’. More precisely ‘Build on Momentum.” What I achieved in 2018, and bullied forward in 2019, I want to keep getting better in 2020. Everywhere in my life.

What’s your word?

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