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Insurrection is seeking out publishers again. If you recall, the publisher of the first book, Sentient, had exclusive first rights to the characters. While they’re still interested and haven’t turned down the manuscript, they’ve released the first rights back to me due to scheduling conflicts.

Order from Amazon.comInsurrection picks up just a few weeks where Sentient left off. At the end of Sentient, the

bad guys ensconced in the IPC (Interplanetary Peace Coalition) had tucked tail and run back home. The main character, Pala, had put a stop to the plan that began with her own weaponry attacking her team and ended with them quarantining the whole planet.

In Insurrection, the IPC bad guys are back, this time having convinced the whole of the

IPC to back their play. Pala and the rest of the refugees must keep them from taking over the planet, because the deadly disease that caused them to quarantine the planet in the first place hasn’t been eradicated and could transport back to Earth. Unfortunately, there are members of her team who feel differently.

It’s my hope this second book will find a publisher quickly.

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