Read What Excites You

As writers, I think we get wound up too much about reading what’s good for us. Read this author, he was a master at suspense. Read that author, she does dialogue the best. Read this author. Read that author.

It’s all probably true.

And boring. And dry. It kills the imagination. If you don’t connect with the story (forget about connecting with the author, that’s a whole different kettle of worms), if it doesn’t make you want to jump out of your skin just so you can grab a pencil and paper, if it doesn’t fodder YOUR OWN ideas… forget it!

You as a writer need to feed what stoke your imagination.

You can’t write like Hemingway in Science Fiction. Who’d want it? Look at the current books, do they write like Chaucer? Or Dickens? Even writing like Asimov in today’s market won’t get you published. Read the giants in your own genre, read the most current you can find.

Those are who you should be studying. Those are who you should be emulating.

Look for them. Feed your need.


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