As I begin the preparation process for Birthright, I’m reminded that a writer’s job doesn’t end at the signing of a contract. Suddenly there are questions to answer, forms to fill out for the cover artist, and edits.

Lots and lots and lots of edits. Even if the story is perfect and correct, the editor will want changes made. And they’ll need to be made immediately.

Suddenly, the favorite little paragraphs I slaved over and that made me smile will have to be cut or slashed and destroyed. Sometimes it’s nearly heartbreaking. But most of it is necessary in order to fit with the publisher’s vision of my book. And, truthfully, often the writer is too close to what he/she has written to be able to see some of the odd things that the editor discovers.

This isn’t to say I can’t argue a bit. I certainly do.

Emails fly back and forth almost daily.

Patience, at least on my end, is often stretched to the limit. In the end, there has to be some give and take on both sides. Otherwise, a writer would self-publish exclusively.

It’s all part of the getting-into-print process.

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