When It’s Too Long

Most publishers state they’ll respond within 4-6 weeks if they’re interested. If they don’t respond, the author can assume the manuscript has been rejected. Occasionally though, things happen.

Recently, I had two noteworthy experiences.

The first, I received a rejection 2 years after I submitted the manuscript. 2 years!!! Thankfully I hadn’t hung around waiting on them and the book was published last year.

The second, I’m stuck in now. When I first submitted Frozen Fire to this publisher, the website said the typical 4-6 weeks stuff. They didn’t want simultaneous submissions, but I really wanted this publisher, so I was willing to wait even 8-10 weeks if need be. Since I submitted to them, however, they’ve changed their tune to 6 months.

I’m sorry, that’s not what I signed up for and it’s ridiculous to ask authors to wait that long on a non-simultaneous submission. I’m still leaving my manuscript with them (it’s been 3 months already), but I’m moving on.

I’ve been keeping Frozen Fire busy with finding an agent, but now I’ve begun sending out to other publishers as well.

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