So I’ve renamed Divided Amongst the Stars. It was a good name for the story, when it was a SF romance. But it’s not, now. I’m sure of that, even though I’m not sure of much else with it. Except I like it. I really do. It makes me smile.

Beginning the rewrite and taking it to the Breathe, my writers’ group. This while I rework Frozen Fire (again). Think I have the issues in my sights on that now. Hope so. If not, guess what? It’ll get reworked again. And again. I believe in this story. Though, I didn’t always. After I got 3/4 the way through, I fell out of like with it. Then, along came The Last Griffin. I didn’t even want Frozen Fire in the same room with me.

But, with this current reworking, I find I like the story again. And most importantly, as I said, I believe in it again, too.

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