Calling Reviewers

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The edits for Sentient went quickly, thanks to the hard work of those at Lands Atlantic.  A couple good feeling days helped, too.  For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently battling with Chronic Fatigue.  On my good days, I tend to slam my writing stuff.  On bad days, I just stay on Facebook or something just as mindless.  Of course, I have hobbies, too.  I do them on good days, when I need a break from writing.  Today is a good day, hence the blog post.

Anyway, a re-edited Sentient has returned back to its new home and is, even now, being made into ARCs (Advanced Review Copies).  If you’d like to review this book, just sign up here:  Sign up Sheet.  #ARC #Sentient #Review

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