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Calling Reviewers

The edits for Sentient went quickly, thanks to the hard work of those at Lands Atlantic.  A couple good feeling days helped, too.  For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently battling with Chronic Fatigue.  On my good days, I tend to slam my writing stuff.  On bad days, I just stay on Facebook or something just as mindless.  Of course, I have … Read More Calling Reviewers


Lisa Paul over at Lands Atlantic has received my signed contract for Sentient.  She’s signed it and a copy is winging its way back to me!!!  Truly excited!!! #published #sentient


Signed the contract in front of a Notary.  It’s on its way.  Very exciting stuff!  Keep up on the latest news on Facebook:  Sentient.   #sentient  #novel

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