That Marketing Thing

I’m not a new author.  I’ve had two books published by a traditional publisher.  I was a great hit, locally.  Sold lots of books around the area.  Didn’t sell many books anywhere else though.

My publisher, though he tried hard, just wasn’t able to market my books as well as they needed.  He was a small business, didn’t have much of a budget.  That’s common these days.  Small publishers abound because of the ease of the internet.  And many don’t have the cash lying around to launch an all-out campaign for your book.  So, it gets promoted on their website, maybe a few others.

Big publishers have the money, but they spend it all on the books they know are going to make them some major bucks in return.  Since I’m not one of those, I’m in the same boat as if I’d gone with a small publisher:  not a whole lot of marketing for my book.

So, I’m an author who’s job and heart’s desire is to be doing nothing but writing.  Instead, I’m stuck doing the marketing thing.  Sucks, doesn’t it.  The big scream these days is social networking.  Yes, very important.  But it can only take me so far.  I need to do more.  The best campaigns are a conglomeration of many many tactics.  So, I don’t want to get stuck on just social media.  I won’t ignore it either, it’s vitally important.  But, just as important are other venues of marketing.  I’m subscribed to a writers’ marketing site.  I pay attention to what they say.

I currently have two great books to help me through:  The Frugal Book Promoter and Red Hot Internet Publicity.

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