All Things Twitter

If you’re a writer, you know keeping visible is a must.  You know social media is your best option to gain this goal.

In this post, we’re talking Twitter.  I admit I don’t know much about it.  And that’s okay.  If you’re a writer, your job is writing, not tweeting.  That said, you need to tweet.  Lots.  Keep constantly visible on there.  The more you post, the more people will follow.  If you can post between 7 and 20 times/day, you’re golden.  This is true only of Twitter; most social media sites do well with much less.  Twitter was designed to be this way.  Consider the people you follow most.  Lots of tweets, right?

The one thing I would caution about Twitter:  it can be a brutal place.  People are blunt, rude and sometimes outright mean.  Grow thick skin.

There are tricks to Twitter and I don’t know as many as I should, but the truth is, someone does.  Here’s one really great site:  Alltop.

Get tweeting!

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