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Minor Change to On The Sly

Made another change to On The Sly. Yes, it’s really going to be done soon. I promise. It’s just that there was too much happening on the last two days. In real life, you and I know that scary crazy hectic days happen. But fiction is larger than life, so sometimes it needs to be toned down a bit. Took two days and split … Read More Minor Change to On The Sly

Amazon Issues

So every one knows, if you have trouble downloading a free copy of Birthright, try putting ‘Birthright Koenig’ in the Amazon search bar. Only 4 more days!

Birthright is Free

Click the picture or click here

One of THOSE Days

I’m headed down the final stretch with On The Sly. Go me! But this final editing process has me rewriting tired phrases into something fresher. And, for the most part, it’s going well. However, I find I’m having more brain farts than my usual. I can’t seem to find a word for something simple, like ‘laundry’. I mean, I actually can’t think of that … Read More One of THOSE Days

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