Praise for Frozen Fire

Frozen Fire is a good blend of drama, suspense and thrills. Denefe is a strong willed woman that can think and react on the run. Being a telepath allows her to draw support from her sister and to keep tabs on others. I feel that young and older readers alike will find this story worth reading, if they are not a true sci-fi fan. With its time travel, telepathy and other occurrences, Sci-fi fans will find it an interesting and fun story. – J

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Tip #8

People who have broken legs use crutches. Writers who have broken sentences use crutch words.

A crutch word is an empty word with no purpose. It’s just a filler. Dandelion fluff. If you remove it from your sentence, you won’t even notice. No one likes to hear someone fill their speech with these. No one will like to read them either. They weaken your writing dramatically.

“Um” is the best example. Here are a few more. You can find lots of lists of these all over the web.

  • Just
  • Quite
  • Seem
  • Apparently
  • Very
  • Look (like)

Tip 8

Praise for Boo and Oscar

“A great caper to get young readers thinking and problem-solving! What a great mystery to get young readers thinking! Boo and Oscar are lovable characters. I like how they have a bit of a routine they follow each day, like human beings often do. I feel the story will foster problem-solving skills in young readers. Personally, I enjoy mysteries that do not have an element of eeriness or that give me the “creeps”. This book creates mystery in a pleasant way. I enjoyed reading the story very much. Also, as a former reading teacher, I liked the larger-sized print and the hand-painted illustrations that accurately portray the emotions of characters in the story. Can’t wait to read it in French!”