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Another Round

Getting Frozen Fire ready for another round of submissions. Reprinted it to read aloud to the cats. In fact, Jake is sitting on top of it now, waiting for me to begin. Elwood will come once I begin…as long as it’s outside. I always read my manuscripts aloud after every draft. If I’ve sent it out a few times and it comes back without … Read More Another Round

Frozen Fire

Finished the edits on #FrozenFire.  Go me!!!  Submitted it to the interested publisher.  I’ll give it a month head start, then start sending it out to other publishers. I figure that’s fair, after all, I told him when would be coming. Lands Atlantic has sent me another round of edits for #Sentient, but they haven’t arrived yet.  Probably the beginning of this next week.  No … Read More Frozen Fire


Well, not really new. I had a publisher contact me, telling me he liked my writing very much and was sorry to see that Sentient had already been snatched up by someone else, though he was happy for me and wished me luck.  Now, I submitted that clear back in March or April, so there really was no reason for him to write (except out of … Read More A New YA SF

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