Well, not really new.

I had a publisher contact me, telling me he liked my writing very much and was sorry to see that Sentient had already been snatched up by someone else, though he was happy for me and wished me luck.  Now, I submitted that clear back in March or April, so there really was no reason for him to write (except out of politeness).  I’m slow, but not stupid.  I figured that it also just might be a hint.  So, I’m in the middle of editing another YA SF to get to him by February, when he starts taking submissions again.

Frozen Fire is about telepathic seventeen year old Denefe Xia and her twin sister, Kaleen.  As orphans, they may not have had any other family, but they always had each other.  In a natural disaster, Denefe is sucked into the past by a wormhole where she discovers she has a hidden triplet, Torenz, who was raised by parents she thought had died when she was a child.  And that’s where the secrets begin.

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