Frozen Fire

Finished the edits on #FrozenFire.  Go me!!!  Submitted it to the interested publisher.  I’ll give it a month head start, then start sending it out to other publishers. I figure that’s fair, after all, I told him when would be coming.

Lands Atlantic has sent me another round of edits for #Sentient, but they haven’t arrived yet.  Probably the beginning of this next week.  No time to get involved in a novel-in-progress, so I’ll just work on a short story that was published a few years back and will now go to Kindle:  #Zorak12.

If you haven’t checked out my Amazon Store, do.  There are a few really good deals going on there, especially in the Kindle.


About Wendy L. Koenig

I was born in Colorado, but raised on a small homestead in Illinois. I served in the USAF right out of high school. After my stint in the military was finished, I returned home and had a horse stable. My first piece to be printed was a short children’s fiction, Jet’s Stormy Adventure, serialized in The Illinois Horse Network. It was a natural fit, given my business. Later, I attended University of Iowa's famed summer workshops and writing programs. Since that time, I have authored and co-authored numerous books. Several of my novels and short stories have won international awards and have appeared in multiple venues.
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