Category: Boo and Oscar

Getting Ready

The book release is this month! I’ve been spending a lot of time getting ready for the book¬†signings and launch party for Boo and Oscar. It’s exhausting, but fun. We’ll have prizes, coloring pages for little kids, and refreshments. This morning I was going over my (getting longer) list of things yet to do, when I came¬†up with the idea of giving away free … Read More Getting Ready

Meeting with Diana

Just got back from a meeting with Diana McAskill, the illustrator for the Boo and Oscar series. I love meeting with this woman. She’s just as excited about our project as I am. We usually meet in a restaurant: a little food, a lot of laughs, and a little business. We went over the first Boo and Oscar proof copy with a fine-toothed comb … Read More Meeting with Diana

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